What about seeing?

Article 063 – What about seeing? Competition and the proliferation of challenging shooting standards have helped solidify the physical mechanics of shooting. What about the visual and cognitive mechanics that matter more than shooting once we step off the range?

What Does it Mean to Succeed?

Article 050 – Whether what we are doing works or not depends heavily on what the definition of success looks like. Why do we still not have an answer?

Fixing Problem Shooters: Part 5

Article 037 – Giving a remedial shooter new physical skills that work is important. However, it’s not the whole solution. You also need to make it so those new skills are the ones performed under stress.

Fixing Problem Shooters: Part 4

Article 036 – If you want to fix a truly remedial shooter, you probably need to help them build an altogether new skillset. In order to pull this off, context matters.

Fixing Problem Shooters: Part 3

Article 035 – Fixing your remedial students might require a change…A change in YOUR psychological framework and avenue of approach to the student.

The Gift of Ignorance

Article 020 – Often we look down on people who are ignorant of subject matter we think is important. We really shouldn’t.

Do No Harm

Article 017 – A Hippocratic Approach to Training. Applying Research to the Civilian Training Industry: Part 4