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Oct 16-17 / Waukesha, WI

Understanding the Terrain: An Overview of Brain-Based Tactical Training Design (2 Day)

We're Changing Firearms and Tactical Training. Forever.

Now Fulfilling LE and MIL Orders.

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Khimaira Strategy & Tactics
Khimaira Strategy & TacticsFrance
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"After all the wait, testing and working with NURO has confirmed the absolute paradigm shift it brings to operational firearms training."
Syracuse NY Police Department
Syracuse NY Police DepartmentArmament Section Head
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"NURO is the most cost and time effective tool I’ve seen for developing shooters who can continue to make complex decisions while they shoot."
Keith Tyler
Keith Tyler24 yr LE, USPSA Grandmaster, former LE National Champion
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"This is a component of armed professional training that has been missing...a game changer for training everyone who carries a firearm."
Justin Smith, Ph.D.
Justin Smith, Ph.D.Founder, Tactical Neuroscience
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"NURO is the future of tactical training, leveraging the principles of neuroscience to revolutionize the way individuals at all levels of the industry learn, train, practice, and test their tactical skills."
John Holschen
John HolschenHeiho Consulting Group, U.S. Army Special Forces (ret.)
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"I believe NURO will revolutionize the firearms training industry and inform future best practices for use-of-force training."
Andy Stanford
Andy StanfordAuthor, Surgical Speed Shooting
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"I can say with 100% confidence that Building Shooters and NURO represent a revolutionary advance in the field."
Neil Rogers
Neil RogersFBI Supervisory Special Agent (ret.), Former FBIHQ Principal FI
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“The NURO Shooting System is an innovative approach for firearms trainers to develop shooters who are also thinkers....This is the next step in combative shooting training..."

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“I learned a ton…that will make me a better instructor.”

{ SGM (Ret.) Kyle E. Lamb }

Owner, Viking Tactics
Author, Green Eyes & Black Rifles