“I learned a ton…that will make me a better instructor.”

{ SGM (Ret.) Kyle E. Lamb​ }

Author of Green Eyes & Black Rifles

Hitting in Combat

The Brain Science of Training to Win Gunfights
114 Pages, Soft Cover

Is it possible to aim in a gunfight?

Hitting in Combat contains the most definitive analysis of this subject ever conducted.  Stepping outside the emotion and controversy associated with this topic, this book explores the origins of point shooting training methodology, how different methods of training impact real-world performance, and explains how, ultimately, both sides of this argument are right, as well as the implications this has for instructor liability and the future of tactical firearms training.

Everyone who cares about winning gunfights should read Hitting in Combat.

"A meticulous combat argument presented with evidence and without dogmatism."

Kirkus Reviews

“One of the more important books of our time…”

{ Kenneth Murray​ }

Co-Founder of Simunition
Author of Training at the Speed of Life

Building Shooters

Applying Neuroscience Research to Tactical Training System Design and Training Delivery 192 Pages, Softcover

Building Shooters is not just another book about firearms training; it applies the principles of cutting-edge brain science directly to the challenges facing today’s law enforcement officers, police trainers, military and others who require clinical tactical skills in environments that demand expert level decision-making.

"Improvements in our firearms program are measurable...essential reading."

Art Aplan
Advanced Training Coordinator
Division of Criminal Investigation, South Dakota

“A must read, you won’t be disappointed…”

{ The Tactical Wire​ }

"Good Reads" Book Review

Mentoring Shooters

The Gun Owner's Guide to Building a Firearms Culture of Safety and Personal Responsibility 262 Pages, Soft Cover

Mentoring Shooters demonstrates how experienced gun owners can effectively pass their knowledge and skill on to others, using the neuroscience-based training methods explained in Building Shooters. This conversational and easy-to-read book includes detailed information on firearms safety, the principles of learning, teaching firearms skills, a sample curriculum, and more. It will take any gun owner’s mentoring skills to the next level.

"...expertly furnishes a wealth of lessons."

Kirkus Reviews

“A concise and expert primer on arms training.”

{ Kirkus Reviews​ }

On Training: Volume 1

Selected Essays, Revised and Edited
144 Pages, Soft Cover

On Training exposes a series of serious, structural flaws that have plagued military, law enforcement, and security training for decades. It is a must read for any person who truly wants to understand the underlying issues that lead to substandard police performance and excessive use-of-force, as well as a clear path forward to fix them.

"Help us push for real, scientifically grounded, change that can make a difference where it counts—at the street level."

Dustin Salomon
Author and Founder

“A thorough, scientifically rigorous, and clear training manual.”

{ Kirkus Reviews }

On Training: Volume 2

Selected Essays, Revised and Edited
170 Pages, Soft Cover

Volume 2 of the On Training series expands upon the fundamental scientific principles from Building Shooters. It covers the practical application of brain-based training for both entry-level and remedial students. It also debunks a number of widely held training myths that negatively impact student performance and contains a detailed analysis of the civilian training market, to include science-based recommendations for improving long-term student outcomes and performance. This book is a must-read for firearms and concealed carry instructors as well as trainers of law enforcement, military, and security personnel.

"...It does not matter very much what techniques are taught or what equipment is used if the training methods and structures are not capable of making the students learn.."

Dustin Salomon
Author and Founder

“A thorough guide intelligently designed for the beginner.”

{ Kirkus Reviews }

Becoming Shooters

A Guide for New Gun Owners
146 Pages, Soft Cover

Becoming Shooters is specifically written for new gun owners. It breaks down the most important aspect of gun ownership–gun safety–into the simplest, yet most complete guide to the subject currently in print, including a detailed and comprehensive approach to firearms safety with children in the home.

It contains a wealth of insight into the landscape of the industry that will benefit every new gun owner, or person newly interested in expanding his or her existing knowledge and skill. This includes considerations for training, the pros and cons of different training structures, what to look for (and avoid) in an instructor, things to consider when defining and prioritizing goals, a sample curriculum for developing self-defense skills, a discussion on tactics and more.

“If you want to be on the cutting edge, it is required reading.”

{ Andy Stanford }

Author of Surgical Speed Shooting and Fight at Night


A Brain-Based Analysis of Tactical Training and the Basis of Design for the World's Most Capable Tactical Training System, 157 Pages, Soft Cover

Building Shooters is preparing to release a new and revolutionary training technology: The NURO® Shooting System (Patent Pending). NURO summarizes the research behind the game changing advancement in tactical training, providing both the background and the basis of design. Additional topics include de-escalation, tactical visual skills, engineering neuroplastic change to enhance human performance potential, decision-making, sympathetic fire, a radical re-thinking of the concept of fidelity in training environments, the differences between training and learning, reducing organizational liability through training design, and more.

Improving use-of-force and tactical performance starts here. The future is now.

See NURO® teaser video here.