What Does it Mean to Succeed?

Article 050 – Whether what we are doing works or not depends heavily on what the definition of success looks like. Why do we still not have an answer?

Point Shooting Fail

Article 045 – Teaching point shooting first injures students’ performance potential. It’s physics!

What’s Outside Your Window?

Article 041 – Our personal experiences shape who we are. They can also get in the way of our students’ survival.

Are Cooper’s Rules Obsolete?

Article 039 – Jeff Cooper helped advance the firearms industry and make us all safer. Now it’s time to honor his legacy by moving past it.

What Instructors Don’t Know

Article 038 – A trainer’s objective is to put information into the student’s brain, so why do our training methods ignore how the brain works?

Fixing Problem Shooters: Part 5

Article 037 – Giving a remedial shooter new physical skills that work is important. However, it’s not the whole solution. You also need to make it so those new skills are the ones performed under stress.