It’s Time for a Hollywood Reckoning

Article 060 – Leading members of Hollywood are known for virtue signaling—often with absurd hypocrisy. When it comes to gun safety, they should be held accountable for it.

Gun Safety Failure

Article 058 – Gun Safety Failure:  The “Rust” movie set tragedy highlights fatal flaws in traditional gun safety rules.

What Does it Mean to Succeed?

Article 050 – Whether what we are doing works or not depends heavily on what the definition of success looks like. Why do we still not have an answer?

Are Cooper’s Rules Obsolete?

Article 039 – Jeff Cooper helped advance the firearms industry and make us all safer. Now it’s time to honor his legacy by moving past it.

What if They Don’t Like It?

Article 033 – It’s easy to think of teaching or mentoring as a waste of time if a student doesn’t pursue shooting or gun ownership afterwards. This isn’t true.

Learned Helplessness

Article 028 – In gun culture and the firearms industry we often sell women short – negatively impacting their personal safety. We should be doing the opposite.

The Gift of Ignorance

Article 020 – Often we look down on people who are ignorant of subject matter we think is important. We really shouldn’t.


Article 019 – Spending More Time Upfront to Build a Solid Foundation is a Quicker Path to Proficiency

Do No Harm

Article 017 – A Hippocratic Approach to Training. Applying Research to the Civilian Training Industry: Part 4