Team VTAC Podcast with SGM (Ret.) Kyle Lamb

Dustin had the opportunity and honor to sit down with a truly great American, Kyle Lamb, on the Viking Tactics Inc. Team VTAC Podcast a few weeks back to talk about one of the new Building Shooters books, just released, titled Hitting in Combat.

This is a LONG conversation about a whole variety of subjects ranging from training design, the navy and ship driving, the first person in the “idiots at sea” program, the origin of Building Shooters, VTAC training before there was VTAC, naval history, brain science and more. Dustin does manage to screw up listing the officer ranks in the navy (no, an O2 is not a 2nd Lieutenant) but, trust us, he really was one once!

They even eventually get around to talking about the book, which is about a very important, and long-standing area of controversy.

Is it possible to aim in a gunfight? Listen and find out!

Find the podcast here.

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"Easily one of the more important books of our time when it comes to preparing police, military and armed civilians for armed lethal combat."
-Kenneth Murray
Author, Training at the Speed of Life
Co-Founder of Simunition