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Location & Date: Tuscaloosa, AL (Location TBA), March 8, 2024

Developmental Methods Series:

Tactical Vision and Surgical Marksmanship (1 Day Version)

**Law Enforcement / Military Only**


Course Description: This one-day course is the first offering in our Developmental Methods series. These intensive, instructor facing programs apply the latest methods, concepts and tools for neuroscience-based firearms and use-of-force training.

Students will learn where traditional training and range management methods fall short and why, as well as specific processes, techniques, and methods to improve student development and operational outcomes. Live-fire exercises will include use of Building Shooters’ revolutionary new NURO® Shooting System (Patent Pending), a set of sensory stimulation and performance-measurement tools that are optimized for firearms and tactical training applications.

Please note: This is not a “feel good” range training day. It is a very challenging, instructor-level program designed to demonstrate instructional and range management processes that are very different from the “industry standard.” If applied correctly, these methods will produce high-level real-world performance. We don’t care about your feelings. We care about your future students and their ability to make good decisions and win gunfights.

About the Instructors: This unique, industry-leading series of Developmental Method programs from Building Shooters is being developed in coordination with Keith Tyler. Keith is a retired 24-year veteran of Law Enforcement with 20 years of Patrol experience, an accomplished USPSA Grand Master in Open and Carry Optics divisions and a former Law Enforcement National Champion. We are honored to have Keith’s input and participation in the development and delivery of this curriculum. He brings extensive LEO experience, subject matter expertise in law enforcement patrol tactics, and world-class technical expertise in performance shooting mechanics and methods. He is also an accomplished instructor who focuses on the process of becoming a great shooter, not on achieving arbitrarily defined range outcomes. Keith started teaching at the Vancouver, Washington Police Department Firearms unit in 2001, and has been teaching law enforcement officers rifle and pistol skills for over 20 years. When he was the lead firearms instructor, Keith implemented a unique in-service training program focused on performance shooting process where the officers trained within this paradigm consistently demonstrated high-level performance during real-world OIS. 

Dustin Salomon is a former naval officer and author of the acclaimed book Building Shooters: Applying Neuroscience Research to Tactical Training System Design and Training Delivery, as well as Hitting in Combat, Mentoring Shooters, and four other books about the application of neuroscience and psychology research to training design. Dustin designed and ran the security and weapons training programs at two military commands, is an NRA certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and has conducted 20 overseas deployments (including two afloat). Dustin’s books are on many industry reading lists and are also in use as curriculum guides and instructor texts by numerous local, State, and Federal agencies. In 2022 Dustin helped New York State’s DCJS re-write its state-wide police recruit firearms curriculum from the ground up and is currently engaged with numerous law enforcement agencies and other organizations as a consultant in the field of firearms training design.  Dustin has spoken at the FBI Firearms Instructor Conference, the Georgia Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor’s Conference, the DEA Firearms Instructor School, the New York DCJS Firearms Instructor Workshop, the annual New York Department of Public Safety Criminal Justice Symposium, and the annual Force Science Institute Conference. He has a Bachelors of Science from the U.S. Naval Academy, a Masters Degree in Security Management, and is an ASIS Certified Protection Professional.

Cost: $225 

Registration and Selection: Please register using the webform below. We will select attendees subject to eligibility on a first come, first serve basis. Selected attendees will be emailed payment details.

Payment: Payment portal will be provided to program participants after registration and selection. **Note: No refunds will be issued within 14 days of the event. Any refunds issued prior to 14 days will be less a 5% processing fee.**

Prerequisites: The ability to safely handle live weapons in a professional training environment. This is an instructor-level course.

Required Equipment: Handgun, holster, magazines, magazine pouch, 500 rounds of factory ammunition, eye/ear protection. Climate and weather appropriate range clothing. Water / sports drinks. Snacks. Bag lunch (recommended).

Highly Recommended Equipment: Dryfire aid that supports a resetting trigger without live rounds (example: Dryfire mag).  This will significantly improve the experience of this program for you.

Anticipated Start Time: 8:30 am.

Location: Will be provided to program participants along with additional details after successful registration, selection, and payment processing.

Please Note: This is an instructor-focused course. It is not a shooting class. Shooting instruction will be a byproduct of this course; however, this is not the focus of the course. This seminar is intended for an audience of professional firearms and tactics instructors. Any participants who exhibit unsafe / questionable behavior based solely on the professional judgement of the host(s) and/or instructor(s) will be asked to leave.

"Understanding the Terrain" Seminar Testimonials

“I have read all of the books and it has really opened my eyes as a trainer on what we need to be doing to make things stick. I have taught Law Enforcement and Fire Personnel for the last 15 years in a variety of topics and wondered why students weren’t retaining very basic knowledge. Listening to Dustin after reading all of the books gave me a better understanding than just reading the books alone. Dustin did a great job of answering any questions thrown his way. I think as trainers we believe students know more than what they actually do so we don’t break it down as far as we should. Dustin’s method of Brain Based Training will really help bridge the gap between what trainers think students know and what they actually do. In turn we can build and adapt upon the neuro pathways we are creating and expanding on in the training environments which in the end will make us and our student better performers when faced with real life decisions.”

-Chad B.

Building Shooters is the foundation for needed improvements in firearms training. Brain-based analysis has served to explain the persistent performance problems seen in training and the field and improve the delivery of skills training. NURO provides the means for improving decision-making and de-escalation. In a state-wide academy program, firearms, defensive tactics, and other skills have seen tangible improvement.”

-Art Aplan, State Academy Training Coordinator

“Dustin brings powerful evidence that what many of us have done in the past was wrong and even counterproductive. In a field where science and tactics have not gotten much past the point of flirtation, he brings key insight into the retention and recall of critical information for the first responder.”

-Trevor Thrasher, 88 Tactical, Trainer / SWAT / Special Forces



“In the firearms’ training arena, I have heard that many ideas are on a 15-year cycle, where the latest feature or technique has usually been tried in the past and likely dismissed for cause. More clearly stated, ‘there is no new thing under the sun.’ I contend the ‘Building Shooters’ training system stands alone in the realm of Military and LE training as it is a truly innovative method to train people using proven methods that are tailored to how our brains learn. If properly implemented, these concepts will produce more effective skills retention and improved utilization of training time. Agencies that acknowledge that we can do better than ‘how we have always done it’ will greatly benefit from this system.”

-Ken S., CMSgt (Ret), USAF Security Forces

“This program challenges many generally held beliefs related to law enforcement shooting and tactical training which have been taught for decades across the country. So often this legacy training has done a disservice to law enforcement officers by not properly developing the necessary mental structures which will best serve them in high-stress situations they encounter on the job. The Building Shooters system should be integrated into all skill building learning programs starting in police academies and throughout each law enforcement officer’s career.”

– Sgt. Jake Witt, Lead Firearms Instructor / SWAT Team Leader – 110 officer agency

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