Podcast – Firearms Nation with Arik Levy

“I learned a ton…that will make me a better instructor.”

-SGM (Ret.) Kyle E. Lamb, Author of Green Eyes & Black Rifles

Dustin had the opportunity to talk with Arik on the Firearms Nation podcast about the new book Hitting in Combat, along with many other topics. Great discussion about the background and genesis of Building Shooters and the application of brain science to training design and delivery. Check it out at the link here.

Apple podcast link is available here.

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"The clearest, simplest, most well-founded psychomotor training program I have seen for developing shooting skills."
-Dr. Bill Lewinski
Executive Director, Force Science Institute
"Easily one of the more important books of our time when it comes to preparing police, military and armed civilians for armed lethal combat."
-Kenneth Murray
Author, Training at the Speed of Life
Co-Founder of Simunition